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              March 27, 2012 Accident

On March 27, 2012 a little after 12:00 noon, I, Jennie Shamp, was involved in an accident at the intersection of CR 300 N and CR 0 E/W.  This is only 1/2 a mile from the farm.  I was driving the 2003 Ford F350 White Dually that I loved dearly.  The other driver was in a Ford Focus.  Unfortunately the other driver suffered fatal injuries at the scene.  By the grace of God I survived with minimal injuries that I am recovering from at this time.  The other driver's name was LeAnn. 

Cody came home early from Ft. Riley to take Kesley back to Kansas with him.  I now know why God had him come home early.  He was there, at the scene,  to get me through the pain and events of the accident.  My Dad & Mom were there as well as Kelsey.  Cotton met us at the hospital.  Ashley was there at the house when I was released from the hospital.  My family was there for me when I needed them most.

 Some time has passed and I can talk about it now.  Right after the accident many people gossiped about it and thought they knew what happened.  THEY WERE ALL WRONG!!! A BUNCH OF LIES!!

LeAnn's mother, Barbara Bien of Barbara's Shop was my biggest supporter!  She knew the TRUE details of the accident.  She has made sure I know that.  Barb also knows it was an accident.  She is a wonderful person who is strong and loving.  I admire her strength and hold her dear to my heart.

I think about the accident every day.  I can close my eyes and relive every moment I remember.  My heart aches for LeAnn.  I did not know her but I know that she was a good person.  We would have gotten along since she loved animals as much as I do.  The world lost a good soul that day.

God makes choices for a reason.  I cannot and do not understand how and why. I am still trying to figure out why I survived such a horrific wreck.  I know I am still here for a reason.  I look around every day and see what I can do to make things better for others.  I have found peace in some ways.  I tell those I love that I love them even more than I did before.  I hold no grudges and have no anger towards others.  These are great gifts God gave me.  My family is stronger than ever!  I am blessed to have them in my life and cherish every moment with them like never before.

It is sad that something like this had to happen to make us realize what matters. 

So............To ALL OF YOU (And you know who you are) shame on you for telling lies and bringing pain to an already terrible situation.  ONLY the families know what truly happened!!  We are all at peace with each other and have closure.

To LeAnn's family... May God Be With You Always!!

To My Family and Real Friends:  I didn't realize how many people in my life loved me unconditionally.  You all touched my heart and my soul being there for me through all of this and other untrue accusations.  God gave me the greatest family and friends...The most sacred gift he gave me was my life and the chance to enjoy what I have, love unconditionally and help others.  For that I will eternaly be greatful.  I am truly blessed.